Zardi & Zardi provides a Bespoke service if the options available within our Portfolio do not meet your needs.

The beauty of digital technology is its versatility: the ability to change colours, alter the scale or even move elements of an original tapestry. This means that our skilled in-house design team can change specific small details within our products, or they can alter colour and scale entire tapestries to suit the design and proportions of a client's room.

Typically, once a tapestry is chosen from our portfolio our designers adjust and fit the design to architectural drawings, with measurements and elevations, supplied by the client. Elements of the original tapestry can be cropped, moved or re-sized, meaning that key elements of the tapestries remain prominent.

Zardi & Zardi can also be involved in the making-up and/or installation of Bespoke products.

For all Bespoke enquiries please contact Zardi & Zardi.
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