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Layer Marney Tower

Layer Marney Tower is England’s tallest Tudor Gatehouse, built in the reign of Henry VIII by Lord Marney. It was a statement house, demonstrating that it’s owner was very rich and powerful. The height of the tower along with the ornate decoration, extravagant use of glass and complex patterns adds to the grandeur and importance but also lends itself to being a perfect venue for parties, conferences and weddings.

In 2008 Nick Charrington (on the HHA’s recommendation) approached Zardi & Zardi, looking for a decorative solution for the large wall spaces within the building and keen to ensure his wedding venue stood out.

A site visit was carried out early in 2008, to assess the spaces that could be enhanced by hanging reproduction tapestries. Designs from the Devonshire Hunting series were made up as wall-hangings and hung in the Tuke’s chamber (a room used for pre-party drinks), and the Tower room, in which three walls were covered at full height to create a warm and intimate atmosphere. However, the priority was to decorate the south wall of the Long Gallery, a room with Tudor panelling, a Jacobean fire place, and huge sparkling chandeliers. The main function of this room is
wedding receptions, so a beautiful wall-hanging was created to act as a feature and backdrop for wedding events.
Layer Marney Tower