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The Old Palace - Hatfield

The Old Palace - Hatfield Zardi & Zardi were approached by Hatfield House who were looking for fabric walling for the walls of the Old Palace, which they use as a wedding and events venue.

Following an initial site visit it was agreed that the Devonshire Hunting Series was a suitable series of tapestries to be used in the space but in their existing format they were far too small to cover the vast walls of the Old Palace. It was also felt that the existing colours were too yellow for the lovely old red bricks walls. Therefore a Bespoke approach was required.

Zardi & Zardi carried out some initial artwork but were concerned that scaling up the designs may compromise the quality of the finished Printed Linen Panels. However, a solution was found: Zardi & Zardi's designers could digitally incorporate an additional layer of figures to the art work to give the extra height required, thus creating new versions of the three tapestries measuring 12 x 4 metres.

The designers were also able to adjust the colours to compliment the red bricks. The colours were altered and a number of linen samples were sent to Hatfield House for approval before the final version was agreed.

Image: Old Palace, Hatfield
The Old Palace - Hatfield