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The Pleasures of the Gods - Apollo and the Muses

From a private collection of Brussels tapestries from the 17th century illustrating stories referred to as ‘The Pleasures of the Gods’. From Urban and Daniel III Leyniers workshop, after Jan Van Orley and Aurel Augustin Coppens.

Apollo and the Muses shows Apollo, the embodiment of the classical Greek spirit, and son of Zeus. Here he is portrayed, typically, as a young man, holding a lyre and wearing the crown of laurel leaves he was awarded for achievement in the arts. Apollo was also associated with the Sun-God Helios, who drove his chariot daily across the sky. The chariot in the background and the muse holding the sun may allude to this.

As the god of poetry and music, Apollo is often accompanied by the Muses, the goddesses of poetic inspiration and creative arts.

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The Pleasures of the Gods - Apollo and the Muses