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The Procession of Bacchus

Tapestry Wall Hanging

The Triumph of the Gods series of four tapestries depicting subjects from Greek mythology were made during the 1700s from cartoons exclusive to the workshop of Leyniers-Reyndams in Brussels.

The tapestries were designed by the well known artists of the day, Jan van Orley (1665-1735) and Augustin Coppens (1668 – 1740).

The theme of triumph was particularly popular during the Renaissance and Baroque periods. These scenes glorified the gods and heroes of antiquity, surrounded by their attendants and attributes.

The Procession of Bacchus depicts Bacchus, the God of wine, in his crown of vine leaves, sitting in his triumphal car which is drawn by tigers. Around him maenads sing and dance a Bacchic ritual. Satyrs are also present, Bacchus was also associated with goat-worship, and behind him is a statue of Pan (himself part goat) playing his pipes.

Finished Dimensions: 450 cm x 370 cm
The Procession of Bacchus