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North Mymms Park

North Mymms Park is a beautiful example of "Jacobean" work, set in acres of picturesque countryside, built in the last days of the sixteenth century for the Coningsby family – High Sheriffs of Hertfordshire. Over the years it has been owned by a number of families and its interior has been re-modelled and altered at various times. Before its’ recent renovation North Mymms housed a collection of exquisite European tapestries collected by the Burns family. These tapestries were the centre piece of an auction of the property’s contents in before the property was sold and restored as a wedding and events location.

With its wealth of stunning period features and fine art throughout, North Mymms Park is now an exclusive wedding venue and The Long Gallery with it’s Verdure tapestries and grand chandeliers can hold an elegant event for 230 people.

It was for the Long Gallery that Zardi & Zardi were asked to provide tapestries for the large empty spaces with in the oak panelled walls, where tapestries would have hung in the past.

The designers wished to use Verdure tapestries as these were in keeping with the room but required a different design on each panel. Therefore, they selected a combination of tapestries from those available within our portfolio and used Zardi & Zardi’s bespoke service to create a set that sat nicely together.

Having chosen two Frampton Verdure tapestries, the Chichley Oak Verdure and the Verdure with Birds the designers decided they wanted all the colours to be similar to the Verdure with Birds in Prussian Blue. Our in-house designers adjusted the colours of the other tapestries so that all 4 of them sat together and worked well as a series.

It was proposed that wallpaper, rather than linen tapestries, should be used as it would fit well within the oak panelling (like Leeds Castle project). The clients supplied scaled drawings to which Zardi & Zardi’s designers resized and fitted the digital images within their borders.
North Mymms Park