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Meersburg New Palace

Meersburg New Palace is a magnificent castle located on the hillside overlooking the North shore of Lake Constance in Baden-Wuttenburg, southern Germany.

The former residence of the Prince-bishops of Constance, the New Palace was constructed in the 17th century and forms an important part of the Palace complex which became “one of the most original Baroque residences in the empire”.

In 2012, the state heritage agency of Baden-Wuttenburg, Staatliche Schlosser und Garten, embarked on a major renovation of Meersburg New Palace. In doing so they commissioned Zardi & Zardi to help decorate the principle room of the Piano Nobile by producing a set of reproduction tapestries. The original set had previously been sold into private hands. However, the ‘editio princeps’ on which they are thought to have been modelled are in the Louvre, 'Le Chasse de Maximilien', and permission was negotiated by Zardi & Zardi to reproduce six of these for permanent display.

'Le Chasse de Maximilien' is comprised of twelve huge tapestries representing a variety of hunting seasons through the months of the year. Designed by Bernaert van Orley around 1530 they were woven in the Dermoyen workshop in Brussels. The scenes are set in the imperial hunting grounds of the Soignes forest and show members of Charles V household hunting for deer and wild boar.
Meersburg New Palace