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Portières des Dieux - Air

One of the most successful series of Gobelins tapestries was the Portières des Dieux, which shows the seasons and the elements personified by classical gods and include signs of the zodiac.

Four of these tapestries represent the seasons: Venus – Spring, Ceres – Summer, Bacchus – Autumn, Saturn – Winter, the other four represent the Elements: Diana - Earth, Juno – Air, Jupiter – Fire and Neptune – Water.

In 1699 the painter Claude Audran III was commissioned to design this series for the Manufacture Royale de Gobelins, which had re-opened that year.

The design was reworked multiple times in the eighteenth century with versions on a yellow ground generally dating between 1722 and 1729.

Air shows Juno, sitting on a cloud with wind-blowing putti blowing. They are placed above an organ and surrounded by other wind instruments. Juno is flanked by Peacocks, attributed to Juno and known to draw her chariot, set within a border of flowers and foliage.

Finished Dimensions: 280 x 340 cm
Portières des Dieux - Air