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Adare Manor

There has been a manor on the land on the banks of the River Maigue in the village of Adare, County Limerick since the Norman invasion of Ireland. It was the former seat of the Earl of Dunraven and Mount-Earl. Over the years Adare Manor has undergone a number of changes and manifestations, currently operating as a five-star hotel and golf club which has recently undertaken an extensive renovation project, with Kim Partridge, the London based Interior Designer, who selected Zardi & Zardi to provide tapestry wall hangings for ninety bedrooms, the Gallery and the Great Hall.

The bedrooms, a selection of twin, double and king size rooms, retain all the character and grace with which they were originally conceived. The bespoke tapestry wall hangings that Zardi & Zardi produced come from three different tapestries within our portfolio, which have been re-interpreted and presented in new colour ways.

Bespoke beds were made and Zardi & Zardi were provided with measurements, so the tapestry wall hangings could be made to fit neatly between the posts of each bedhead. The best crops from the three chosen designs were selected: Leeds Castle Aubusson in Alba Rosa, Verdure with Birds in Fennel Seed, Devonshire Swans in Hemlock Blue Clay. Particular consideration was taken in twin rooms where two wall hangings would be placed next to each other.

Using digital technology our in-house designers made adjustments to ensure the best configuration of the images, allowing for the fact that each design had to work in a number of variations due to the different ceiling heights across the bedrooms; designers removed the architrave from the Leeds Castle Aubusson to make the tapestry lighter and allowing the trophies to hang nicely in the remaining space, the Devonshire Swans had to be played with to find a piece that wasn’t too gruesome as it originates from a series of hunting tapestries (we had to digitally remove the swans pecking a boy’s eyes out!). The original Verdure with Birds was considered too sparse so the lake, mountains and sky in centre of the original were digitally filled in with foliage and trees to create a more verdant image.

The Gallery at Adare Manor was the Dunraven’s favourite room, the centre of their family life and an expression of their love for beauty. A monumental room in the gothic style, inspired by great cathedrals and castle galleries of Europe, decoration of this room included lavish tapestries by local school girls. Following this tradition Zardi & Zardi were asked to produce a number of tapestry wall hangings from our Triumph of the Gods series, from Dumfries House. The six larger wall hangings were bespoke, created by using large crops of the original full-sized tapestries. Four smaller tapestries were digitally created to sit high above the choir stalls and other oak carvings. For these, digital frames were created and placed over sections of the Triumph of the Gods panorama to create smaller tapestries that still made sense compositionally.

The first impression the grandness of Adare Manor is on arrival in the Great Hall Reception, which includes features designed by Pugin. With soaring ceilings, vaulted arches and enormous windows it was designed as a room that could be adapted to any purpose: a dining room, concert room, ballroom, for private theatricals etc.

It was for the Minstrel’s Gallery in the Great Hall that Zardi & Zardi were commissioned to provide two further tapestry wall hangings, this time from our Abraham series. The two tapestries selected were did not match completely, in part because Abraham and Lot had no side borders (having been cut off to allow the tapestry to fit into a space at some time in the tapestry’s past). To make a seemingly matching pair the borders of the narrower The Return of Sarah from the Egyptians was copied and extended width ways to fit Abraham and Lot.

Consideration is always given to the placement of seams in our tapestry wall hangings. However, as many of the tapestry wall hangings in this project were large Zardi & Zardi decided to source a wide width linen. Sourcing linen the maximum width possible to feed through the digital printers allowed us to minimise the number of stitched seams in each wall hanging.
Adare Manor