Zardi & Zardi has worked with many public and private collections. Through these commissions and collaborations Zardi & Zardi has been able to create an anthology of historic tapestries, from which we have developed a range of products: tapestry wall hangings, printed linen panels or wallpaper. These products are available in their original form or in variations of both designs and/or colourways.

With the earliest tapestries in our portfolio dating from the 15th Century, it is inevitable that the effects of the passage of time will be evident in the fabric: exposure to sunlight, human contact and well-intentioned conservation (with both good and bad results) have all left their mark on these ancient documents. Whilst the opportunity exists to make further “digital repairs” our policy is to minimise any unnecessary intervention in order that we might retain, as far as possible, the historic characteristics of the tapestries.

For all sales enquiries and full details of all products in our portfolio, including product sheets (detailed information about each product, including images, measurements, colourways and number of drops), please contact Zardi & Zardi.
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