Zardi & Zardi 2018 | Triumph of the Gods | Triumph of the Gods Panorama

Triumph of the Gods Panorama


The Triumph of the Gods series of four tapestries depicting subjects from Greek mythology were made during the 1700s from cartoons exclusive to the workshop of Leyniers-Reyndams in Brussels.

The tapestries were designed by the well known artists of the day, Jan van Orley (1665-1735) and Augustin Coppens (1668 – 1740).

The theme of triumph was particularly popular during the Renaissance and Baroque periods. These scenes glorified the gods and heroes of antiquity, surrounded by their attendants and attributes.

Our in-house designers took the four original tapestries and have digitally merged them to create a seamless panorama.

Available in: Classic, Brutus Stone, Orsini Indigo and Etruscan Pewter on Matt Non-Woven Wallpaper

Image: Triumph of the Gods Panorama Wallpaper, Classic
Triumph of the Gods Panorama